Advanced Data Systems Engineering

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Advanced Data Systems is our special operations service line. We build high-performing bespoke data systems to customer specifications. These systems are usually built in support of sophisticated analytics applications like real-time dashboards. We combine data engineering with data science to help customers develop actionable insights in real time or products that enable customers to turn their data into a source of revenue.

Real-Time Analytics – Most organizations are still processing data in an overnight batch paradigm. New technologies allow organizations to gain insights faster. We build systems that can process data as fast as it is generated, allowing organizations to move through their decision cycle faster than their competitors.

Artificial Intelligence Systems – Artificial intelligence and deep learning are cutting-edge applications of data science. The full set of use cases hasn’t been completely explored. AI can be used to understand complex relationships in large amounts of data. Image recognition is a common application, but there are applications in energy trading and finance as well. We work with clients to do the research and engineering necessary to develop an AI product that fits their needs.

Analytic SaaS Platforms – There are many methods to expose a data product to the outside world. The best method is to do so using a software as a service paradigm. We work with clients to create bespoke web applications that allow them to easily monetize their data. With an SaaS product, you have the flexibility to present information any way you want without the restrictions of an off-the-shelf solution. Using these same technologies, we can also create internal data products like real-time dashboards and market intelligence decision support systems.

Predictive Systems – Everybody wants a crystal ball. We create them. We work with clients to develop systems that predict values of interest. These can be batch process or real-time systems. These systems can be used to forecast revenue, predict demand, or forecast staffing levels. There are a wide variety of applications. We also help clients explore opportunities in this space. We can perform an analysis of your data and recommend where opportunities lie. Predictive systems by their nature involve research. You do not know what the results will be when you start. We help clients along that journey.