For Recruiters


At Mass Street, we believe there is more to be gained through cooperation than competition. We are willing to partner with staffing and recruiting firms to provide solutions to clients.

We outsource everything that is not our core business function, and this includes recruiting. While helping us acquire talent is the most obvious way to engage with us, there are a variety of other ways as well.

Do you offer a referral fee? We are happy to send talent your way if we do not have an opportunity currently available for someone.

Are you an out-of-state recruiter working with a Kansas City firm? We can provide a local connection to manage the relationship and troubleshoot issues should they arise.

Would you like to ensure that you only send the best qualified candidates to your clients? We can provide rigorous technical screening of your candidates to maximize the use of everyone's valuable time.

At Mass Street, we value entrepreneurial collaboration. If an idea lies within the scope of our operations, we are happy to evaluate it on its merits. There is no limit to the possibilities.