About Our Business Analytics Practice

The business analytics service builds data solutions with the express purpose of enabling the business to perform routine or ad hoc business intelligence tasks. These tasks range from simple monthly reporting to performing deep dives into large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns or forecast values critical to the continued operation of the business.

Full Data Ecosystems

If you need a complete self-serve business intelligence platform, we can create one. Platforms are complete systems whereby we move data from various disparate source systems, combine all the data into an enterprise data warehouse, and expose that data to various internal and external customers through BI tools like Tableau, more sophisticated solutions like Pyramid Analytics, or custom solutions where the delivery vehicle is a web-based SaaS platform.

Data Science for Everyday Business Problems

Data Science can be used to solve a number of common everyday business problems. We help companies more efficiently perform tasks such as customer segmentation, customer churn analysis/prediction, and analysis of direct marketing campaigns. Normally, static models are created; however, these models could easily be put into a production system and be used to make real-time predictions where necessary.