About Our Data Management Practice

The data management service line provides full spectrum data storage solutions. This includes creating and managing databases and creating data pipelines to move data between systems. It also includes creating data governance policy for system management and regulatory compliance. Additionally, this service provides strategic guidance to firms on the use of their data. The Data Management service line provides the following service offerings.

System Conversions

We provide data professionals the ability to move data from mainframes running on COBOL to systems that run on modern relational database management systems. We are agnostic to toolset and technology. It doesn’t matter if the end product runs SQL Server, Oracle, is using an ERP like Microsoft Dynamics or JD Edwards, or if it is using a tool like SSIS or Informatica. We can service all of these needs.

Greenfield Data Warehouse Initiatives

If an organization does not have an existing data warehouse, we can help them step up their enterprise analytics efforts by creating a business intelligence platform. Building out a data warehouse enables what is called 360-degree analysis. Data is then stored in such a way that it enables self-serve analytics. We also support upgrades and maintenance for existing data warehouses

Outsourced Chief Data Officer

Data is a competitive necessity. Data has an ever-increasing role in gaining an edge in the marketplace. With data’s strategic value, it only makes sense to have an individual in the C-suite responsible for driving data strategy. Many firms do not have this position. We can fill that gap in staffing.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations can be treated like system conversions. However, the pricing of cloud platforms can be overly complex. A cloud migration engagement automatically comes with a cloud economist.