Overview Of Mass Street Analytics

Mass Street Analytics is a boutique data consultancy. We help organizations understand their data by building systems that store and analyze events.

Mass Street was started with one thought in mind: We can help companies do data better. Many organizations have data architectures that are so labyrinthine that it impedes the firm’s ability to extract real value from their data. We assist organizations in unlocking that value.

We provide expertise across a wide range of data problems from the traditional to advanced “big data” solutions. While there are some technologies that we may recommend for implementation, we are largely vendor agnostic and able to work in a variety of environments from COBOL on mainframes to Java in the cloud.

You know your data. We will help you build systems to make the best use of it.

We do not provide staffing services directly. We maintain strong relationships with staffing firms all over the US to facilitate the acquisition of appropriate talent to solve your specific data challenge.

The Unique Mass Street Business Model

Mass Street is a data consultancy with a 100% remote team consisting entirely of freelancers. This business model allows us to drastically reduce overhead and deliver service at price points below competing firms. Mass Street delivers a full spectrum of data related services.

Solution Development Process

The solutions development process is the result of over a decade of delivering data related services to clients that range in size from small startups to major international corporations.

This process was designed to reduce risk and overhead while still delivering a superior quality of service. It’s a model for the 21st Century.